One of a kind originals and custom-made reproductions.

Working with Julia to discover the right piece of artwork is a very unique process. Whether it’s an original or reproduction that will fit your needs and budget, there are loads of options. Artwork is personal, and finding that perfect piece should be as well.

Original Commissions

If you love Julia’s work and want an original painting, but need a specific size or color palette then a commission might be the answer. First reach out to Julia to explain what you’re hoping to achieve. Feel free to share photos of your space and let Julia know which of her abstract or landscape paintings you are most drawn to. From there Julia will ask more questions, put together an estimate and map a plan to create your commissioned artwork.

Custom artwork reproductions

Browse through the print shop and you’ll find Julia‘s curated collections styled just as she would select for her own home. In fact, some of the photos are of Julia‘s home. These are the pieces that make her most happy. Select your favorite work and then decide:

  • how large of a piece do you need?
  • is paper or canvas is right for you?
  • if selecting paper, what frame fits your style?
  • if selecting canvas, is mounting needed?

Every reproduction is custom-made to your specifications. There are so many more possibilities, in fact, too many to list in the shop. If you are looking for further customization, it‘s not unusual. A lot of our clients are. Simply reach out to Julia to discuss your needs. She‘ll advise you on design, let you know your options and all the costs involved, so you can move ahead with your preferred selection.

Member of the Trade? Looking for Wholesale?

Julia has options for you as well. We love to partner with like-minded businesses to do amazing things. To set-up a wholesale account, register with us as a trade partner.