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Drum roll please…

We are so excited to announce that the Chairish $99 Print Shop launches this Sunday, January 24th on Instagram! Join us @shopchairishlive at 10am PST, when we’ll feature a limited number of beautiful art prints from twelve wildly talented artists - all for $99 (includes shipping, too).

In preparation for Sunday, we’ve asked our lovely artists some getting-to-know-you questions, beginning with Julia Contacessi below.

Julia Contacessi

Instagram: @fineartcontacessi

Julia’s Chairish Shop

Contemporary abstract artist Julia Contacessi explains her process as a combination of conscious and subconscious exploration. With a focus on color, texture and composition, Julia strives to delivers an  atmospheric, feel-good effect in every one of her pieces. The artistic influence of Helen Frankenthaler and her belief that there is “no formula” and the artist should “let the picture lead you where it must go,” are principles that Julia embraces. In addition, finding beauty in the contrasting nature of things, much like artist Patricia Larsen, is what Julia seeks through her work.

Artist Statement:

Some days creating can be a battle, but then there is that moment when I layer on the paint just right — so that it dances in time and space. The canvas yields to my will, and I know I’ve just begun to capture something meaningful. That‘s when I have to catch my breath. It’s fascinating and wonderful, while at the same time, a struggle. The beauty emerges from the tension of those two emotions. That’s why I paint. My style is single-minded and focused on the simplicity of beauty in the moment. My goal is to drown out the noise and clutter to find a sense of calm. The end result is clean, fresh and modern.

Creativity is: a problem solver!

I am inspired by (person, place, thing, etc.): amazing design, natural light and positive energy.

I would describe my process as: an evolution, definitely!! 

The three words that best describe my work: calming, feel-good, day-dreamy. 

The time period/era that inspires me most: Abstract Expressionism Movement of the 1940s and 50s. 

The best advice I’ve ever received as an artist: I was lucky enough to study under Charles Goslin for 2 years at Pratt. He was a wealth of wisdom. I remember him reminding me, “Be intentional with every mark you make.” He would then refer to a detail of something, “Is this intentional? If it is, it should feel that way." 

To me, my art is/means: My work is how I problem solve and find balance. My goal is to focus on the simplicity of beauty in the moment — to drown out the noise and clutter to find a sense of calm. 

My prints will look perfect in: whatever you love, so that whenever you look at it, it makes you smile.

Lusting after Julia’s beautiful prints? Be sure to follow along this Sunday on Instagram to snag one of these beauties for yourself!