Abstract Art Four Ways with Julia Contacessi

(the below is taken from from the Framebridge blog)

Julia Contacessi has been painting beautiful abstract works for a while now, but her newest "Color Collection" might just be our favorite one yet. Featuring bold, bright colors this new series showcases concentrated color palettes and assertive brushwork. Depending on the frame style they're paired with, these pieces can complement modern or classic aesthetics while still maintaining the clean, uncomplicated look we love in abstract art. Here are a few of Julia's new pieces in four different frame styles.


 " Plumb Happy No. 1 " in our  Irvine  frame with a white mat | Via Julia Contacessi

"Plumb Happy No. 1" in our Irvine frame with a white mat | Via Julia Contacessi

Small pieces were meant to hang (or lean) on bedside tables. Choose a piece with colors that complement your bedroom color palette and frame in a simple gallery frame to keep your space feeling clean and fresh.


  "Water and Sand"  in our  Brentwood  frame with a white mat | Via Julia Contacessi

"Water and Sand" in our Brentwood frame with a white mat | Via Julia Contacessi

Abstract pieces are great candidates for some of our more adventurous frame styles. Here our silver mirrored Brentwood frame amplifies the energy in the art through its reflective surface. Try hanging a piece like this in your office for a bold, beautiful statement.


 " Channeling Hemingway No. 1 " and " Channeling Hemingway No. 2 " in our  Montauk  frame with a white mat | Via Julia Contacessi

"Channeling Hemingway No. 1" and "Channeling Hemingway No. 2" in our Montauk frame with a white mat | Via Julia Contacessi

If you're looking to include a bold piece in a common space, but have a more classic aesthetic try choosing a rustic frame. Here, the distressed detailing on our Montauk frame brings a more casual, relaxed feel to the art allowing it to mix well with existing pieces.


 " Sage Wisdom " in our  Gatwick  canvas frame | Via Julia Contacessi

"Sage Wisdom" in our Gatwick canvas frame | Via Julia Contacessi

We love the look of an original canvas in this contemporary space. The simple lines and minimalistic decor in the space keeps all eyes on the art, while still fitting in with the sleek, curated vibe.

Want to add an abstract piece to your space? You’re in luck! We’re teaming up with Julia to giveaway a piece from her new "Color Collection" framed in our silver canvas floater frame. Enter for your chance to win below. Contest will run from 9 AM EST Monday, November 14 to 5 PM EST Wednesday, November 16. Good luck!