Art in Kitchens and Baths

Julia was interviewed for the below article, which was featured in the March/April 2016 issue of East Coast Home & Design. Here we’ve added some of the inspiration that shaped the article.

Among ones home furnishings, artwork stands as one important piece that can give the true essence of the homeowner. One of the many locations that art hangs is in the bathroom and kitchen. Local contemporary abstract artist Julia Contacessi agrees and explains her process as a “Combination of conscious and subconscious exploration. With a focus on color, texture and composition.” Julia strives to deliver an atmospheric, feel-good effect in every one of her pieces.

In addition, she finds beauty in the contrasting nature of things. Her brand position is “Life. Style. Art.” And style is single-minded and focused on the simplicity of beauty in the moment. Julia’s goal is to “drown out the noise and clutter to find a sense of calm. The end result is clean, fresh and modern.”

  Julia’s “ Not So Distant Memory“ &  “  Into the Deep No. 3  “ 

Julia’s “Not So Distant Memory“ & Into the Deep No. 3“ 

 Julia’s  “Sea Smoke”  print in distressed black frame

Julia’s “Sea Smoke” print in distressed black frame

The bathroom is all about beauty and personal retreat, think spa and sanctuary. Julia recommends hanging artwork “that transports you or lets you daydream” thus the 20 minutes soaking in the tub, away from reality, helps carry you though the rest of your day. She likes “the artwork to help further the concept”, so landscapes like “Wind Dreams” and “Divinity” or abstracts like “Sea Smoke” really work well. One can also dial-up the glam with very affordable custom mirror framed prints. Julia also “likes pairs or multiples in the bath. As wall space is shared with necessities such as towels or shelve, the amount of room one has to work with may be limited or broken into sections.”

As the typical homeowner spends a majority of their time in the kitchen, it makes sense to hang beautiful artwork in this hub of the home. With the increase in open concept homes there is even more reason to think of adding art into the kitchen. The organic flow thru the kitchen to other areas of the home gives more visual access to the artwork.

 Large scale original work   “  Waking Dream“   adds soft color to very white kitchen creating an accent wall.

Large scale original work Waking Dream“ adds soft color to very white kitchen creating an accent wall.

One can take a neutral wall and transform it by hanging a large colorful canvas, almost acting as an accent wall. Julia likes shelving and wants the homeowner to “Consider adding multipurpose shelving for everyday objects layered with art and cookbooks. It adds function and interest to your space.” And if you already have open shelving in your kitchen even better to mix it up. “Next to a stack of plates and water pitcher layer in some drama and color with a bold abstract piece or favorite black and white photo.” These types of vignettes add another layer to the design and tell a more personal story of the homeowner.

 via  Lonny , Modern Tropical Kitchen

via Lonny, Modern Tropical Kitchen

Another benefit to art in the kitchen is taking advantage of the popular fresh white cabinetry as a background for a pop of color in your artwork.